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14. Hewlett Packard's Entry into Networking Domain: Strategic Move 15 Green Technology: Bank of America's Initiative towards Sustainable Development 16 Tata Tea Beverages: Global Consolidation for Global Leadership? 17 Japan Airlines' Survival Strategy - Opting For the Best 18 Jyothy Laboratories Limited: Transition from a.

97 Google Inc.'s Grand Plans to Position itself as Green IT Leader: Will it be Successful? 98 Facebook: Social Networking Success 99 Running SUVs in India: Environmental Implications 100 Taco Bell's Entry Strategy into the Indian Food Market 101 L'Oreal's Indian Makeover - Garnering Benefits.

50 United Airlines and Continental Airlines Merger: A Proactive Step towards Shaping Their Future? 51 Uninor Stepping in Indian Telecom Sector: Will it Succeed? 52 Aldi: Riding High on the Low price Business Model 53 Indian Mobile Handset Brands Taking on Their International Rivals: Survival.

Hm to retail new launch chain
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CASE STUDIES - Amity University, Noida

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135 Japan Tobacco's Business Operations in China: Marketing Lessons vis-a-vis Public Health Paradox 136 Pester Power: The New Age Marketing Strategy 137 "Non-Carbonated Soft Drinks Market in India: De-Risking Brand Portfolio Strategies of Major Soft Drink Players" 138 Off-Label Marketing of Pharmaceuticals in the United.

107 AOL's Acquisition of Huffington Post: Will it Pay Off? 108 ITC's Stationery Business: The Growth Strategy 109 BP-Reliance Mega JV in India's Oil Sector: A Transformational Deal? 110 Nikon's Growth Strategies in Indian Digital Camera Market 111 Pavers England: Expanding Footprint in India 112.

43 Turner's Aquisition of NDTV Imagine. 44 Royal Bank of Canada's Green Initiatives vis-a-vis Its Investment on Tar Sands: Are they Viable? 45 Nokia India: Transforming Business Beyond Handsets. 46 Indian Oil Corporation's Investment in Bio Fuel : Will it reduce the crude import? 47.

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